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How the Tennis Bracelet Got Its Name


Tennis bracelets are widely popular and are a staple jewelry piece in every diamond lovers' collection. These sparkly pieces are an excellent go-to accessory to polish off your looks and make the perfect gifts for special occasions. While most of us are familiar with these delicate bracelets, not everyone knows how this specific jewelry inherited its name. Although we all know these dainty diamond pieces as tennis bracelets, they only adopted the name in the late 70s. Before this, they were known as line diamond bracelets. If you love these bracelets or want to learn a little fun piece of history, keep reading on how the tennis bracelet got its name...

As the name suggests, the tennis bracelet got its name from a tennis match, specifically the U.S. Open. In 1978, legendary tennis player Chris Evert played in the U.S. Open. With her career skyrocketing during this decade, Evert routinely wore diamonds while playing. She was renowned as one of the most stylish women of tennis. One of her most notable accessories was an eternity bracelet that was flexible enough to be worn even during a backhanded shot.

On this day, however, Evert was wearing a gold and diamond bracelet during her match. While playing in an early round of the Open, the clasp of this bracelet broke, and it flew off her wrist. Evert immediately stopped playing and began looking for the broken pieces of her bracelet scattered across the court. She refused to continue the match until she had recovered the jewelry and had officials help her search for the missing pieces. Spectators watched as Evert and game officials scoured the court for her bracelet and eventually found it. This scene became quite a display that drew the attention of jewelers from all across the nation. From this moment forward, these bracelets became known as tennis bracelets.

Chris Evert went on to win the U.S. Open that year for the fourth time and was henceforth known as the originator of the name tennis bracelet. Called the “Ice Maiden,” Evert was just as much of a fashion icon as she was a tennis superstar. Her stylish choice to sport diamonds during matches inspired other players to wear diamond jewelry while on the court for decades to come and still today. If you watch a match today, you’ll spot players such as Serena Williams rocking diamonds while playing!

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August 20, 2020 — Dianne Murray

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