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Everyday Diamonds

Diamonds are known for being a girl's best friend. Elegant, enduring, and classic, it's no secret why diamonds have earned this title! For centuries, diamonds have been revered for their beauty and resilience. These exceptional gemstones are thought of as to be worn for extraordinary moments. Although they are a delicate treasure in themselves, they should not be limited to formal and special occasions. Diamonds make great pieces for your day-to-day looks and should be worn often. We've listed a few of our favorite everyday diamonds pieces perfect for all occasions!

Diamond Studs

Studs are always versatile pieces that are easy and perfect to pair with other pieces. The versatility of these earrings makes them a great go-to accessory, whether you're looking to dress up a look or keep it simple and chic. Add diamonds to a pair of stud earrings, and, now, these simple pieces have a glint of shimmer and elegance! No matter the metal type, stone color, or shape, diamond studs are a classic piece that brings sparkle to any outfit. 

Diamond Bands

Perfect for stacking, diamond bands are a must-have for anyone who loves to accessorize. The timeless beauty of these pieces is evident, which is why they are an ideal ring. They make beautiful pieces for anniversary, wedding, and eternity bands. The naturalness of diamond bands allows them to be stacked and paired with almost anything. You can mix them with bold, contrasting colors or similar, clean pieces. They're the perfect piece to complement your wedding or engagement ring or as just a glistening accessory.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Dainty and brilliant, diamond tennis bracelets are the ideal jewelry piece for those on the go. Diamond tennis bracelets can be worn to a casual girl's lunch, special night out, and every occasion in between. The luxurious appearance of these bracelets gives a sense of charm and refinement to any look they accompany. Although these pieces are dainty, they make a bold, unmissable statement. When you put a diamond tennis bracelet on, your wrist will thank you!

Diamond Pendant

A diamond pendant is a powerful piece, and the luminescence of a diamond is portrayed beautifully in a pendant. The single stone pendant is a sophisticated and timeless piece that shows off the perfect amount of glitz and glamor. Add a halo of diamonds or diamond accents to these pieces to create an even more shimmering pendant. The stone shape, setting, and metal type of these pieces are entirely up to you! 

The magnificence of diamonds deserves to be celebrated! Whether you're embarking on a typical day of errands or a special date night, treat yourself to sparkles. Your diamond pieces shouldn't collect dust sitting in your jewelry box, waiting for a special occasion! Give your favorite looks some shimmer by pairing them with brilliant diamond pieces.

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July 09, 2020 — Dianne Murray

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