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2020 Jewelry Trends

A new year means a new you with new goals but, most importantly, new jewelry! This year is going to focus on showing off your unique style and individuality. We want you to feel confident and modern with your look, so treat yourself to the newest jewelry trends of the decade! Here are the biggest jewelry trends of 2020.


  1. Colorful jewelry - Piecing together your perfect look with accessories should be enjoyable and a chance to show your true colors. Bold, colorful jewelry is all about having fun while piecing together your ensemble. Classically styled jewelry such as silver and gold are wonderful, timeless pieces, but why not add a little pop of color into the mix? Brightly colored earrings or beaded necklaces will add some individuality to your everyday wardrobe.

    Colorful Jewelry - 2020 Jewelry Trends

  2. Pearls - When you think of pearls, words that come to mind are sophistication, refined taste, and beauty. A classic, natural element, this is why pearls are a staple piece when it comes to must-have jewelry. The best part about this cherished gemstone is that it can be worn in so many unique forms. This timeless material can even come in a variety of colors other than the traditional white such as black and pink. From layered necklaces to delicate drop earrings to elegant rings, pearls dress up any look.

    Pearls - 2020 Jewelry Trends

  3. Big Hoops - When it comes to hoops, in 2020, the bigger the better. This new year is all about making a statement with your jewelry, and there's no bolder look than large hoop earrings. Hoops have always been a chic accessory that add character to an outfit. This coming year, it's time to up your hoop game and go for a bigger, bolder look. You can stick with classic thin gold hoops or change up your look with full, patterned hoops. No matter your style, there's a hoop earring out there to match.

    Big Hoops - 2020 Jewelry Trends

  4. Big necklaces - Just like the hoops, necklaces in 2020 are going to be catching the eyes of everyone in the room. Large, striking necklaces are going to be all the rage in the upcoming new year. These big necklaces can be worn with a day or night look. Vibrant colors, sculpture-like shapes, and abstract pieces are the looks we’re ready to see.

    Big Necklaces - 2020 Jewelry Trends

  5. Layered Necklaces - It’s time to layer up! Layering your necklaces is making a comeback in 2020. This trend is so simple and can be done with any number of necklaces, no matter the style. Layer your small, dainty necklaces together or your bigger, statement pieces, or put them both together! Start with your shorter necklaces and add on from there. Layering necklaces is an easy way to turn your everyday look into a memorable one.

    Layered Necklaces - 2020 Trends


Let your style be a testament to who you are this new year. Whether that be going brighter and bolder with your necklaces and hoops or cultivating an iconic look with pearls, piecing together your accessories should be all about having fun. No matter your jewelry preferences, W.P. Shelton's wants you to look and feel your best in 2020.


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