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Summer Jewelry

It’s almost summertime in the south! The summer heat has hit the coast, and it’s time to start preparing for days spent on the water and nights sitting out on the porch. No matter what activities you’re embarking on this summer, we hope you’re looking and feeling your best. To help give you an inspiration of how to accessorize these upcoming months, we’ve come up with some of our favorite summer pieces and looks below!

Nautical Jewelry

Do you love spending the summer days relaxing on the water? Us too! One of the best parts about summer is spending time at the beach, so it’s no surprise nautical jewelry is an essential accessory for the warm coastal weather! This includes pieces with waves, shells, anchors, fish, or any other features reminding you of the beach! Even when you're not enjoying the ocean breeze, wearing nautical jewelry will allow you to take a piece of the beach with you wherever you go.

Turquoise & Coral Jewelry

Summer fashion trends are all about wearing bright and lively colors and this includes your accessories as well. Although any vivid and energetic colored jewelry is great for summer wear, two styles really saying summer to us are turquoise and coral pieces. Both of these colors are fun and can work with lots of other shades and styles. Turquoise and coral are two beautiful hues that are reminiscent of the beach and capture the allure of the open water. We love these colors on earrings, necklaces, and bracelets!

Fringe Earrings

There’s no jewelry style more fun than fringe! Fringe earrings allow you to show off your playful side while still sporting a smart, chic look with your accessories. These trendy earrings come in a variety of colors and styles that will add an extra bit of flair to any outfit. If you’re looking to add more color to your jewelry collection, bright colored or multicolored fringe earrings are a great way to incorporate a vibrant pop of color into your style! Fringe earrings can be worn during your everyday routine or with your night out look, which makes them a great accessory for all your summer fun.


Layered Bracelets & Bangles

Having fun with your looks is a must for this summer! Stacking bracelets is a great way to create a brand new look from pieces you already own. Putting together a good looking stack of bracelets can give your look more texture and give it a more chic appearance. Layering bracelets allows you to mix and match different colors, shapes, and styles creating one cohesive look. Some of our favorite bracelet pairings are bangles and beads, dainty bracelets and cuffs, and different metals. No matter what you decide to layer, stacking bracelets is sure to bring new life into some of your favorite pieces!

Colored Cultured Pearls

Pearl jewelry is always in style! The glistening elegance pearl can add to an outfit is unbeatable. For summer, we suggest switching up your look and opting for colored pearls rather than traditional white or cream pearls. Cultured pearls such as Tahitian and South Sea cultured pearls have various different hues and overtones and make beautiful accessories. The broad palette of these pearls allows you to choose a color that’ll bring a gorgeous shimmer and unique look for all your summer styles!

Are you ready for beach days and summer vacays? At W. P. Shelton Jewelers, we’re here to help you get ready for all your summer fun! No matter if you choose to wear one of these styles or all five, we know you’ll look great this summer.

May 15, 2020 — Dianne Murray

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