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Spring Jewelry Colors

Spring is finally here! This season is all about bright and fun colors, which include your jewelry pieces. We’ve listed our favorite hues and gemstones for this spirited season. Let yourself have a little fun with your accessories this spring by adding these radiant and shimmering hues to your jewelry collection! 

Bright Yellow

To kick off our favorite colors for spring pieces, we’re highlighting the cheeriest color of them all - yellow! The bright and happy feelings that this joyous color gives off are perfect for spring. Yellow exudes such a vivid tone that totally pops when it’s against muted tones and even other bright colors. Yellow topaz is an excellent gemstone that exudes this color's power, and spring is the perfect time to show it off.


Stay pretty in pink this spring! Another great color for the season is pink. Whether it’s bold and fuchsia-like or a light baby doll shade, the many shades of pink add the perfect touch of femininity and color to any looks. Pink tourmalines are gorgeous stones that have a vibrant hue that stands out amongst other pieces. 

Light Blue

Blue is a beautiful color for any time of year! For spring, we especially love lighter shades such as those emitted from aquamarines and swiss blue topazes. Aquamarines have a beautiful icy hue, while swiss blue topazes shine with a bright, unique blue hue. Both of these birthstones have the ideal pop of color you want for spring.


Green is one of the most prominent colors of spring, and so it should be a no-brainer to include it in your spring jewelry looks! This trendy color represents the season's blooms and life and looks beautiful when paired with other bright shades. Our favorite green shades for this season are lighter hues that resemble mint or olive. This is why peridots are the perfect gemstone for spring. The happy hue that this stone displays pairs well with other bright stones and pieces.


We’re all about the bold colors this spring which is why we’re all about the royal hue of purple jewelry! The rich, striking shade of amethysts is an excellent example of how eye-catching the color purple is. This gemstone is ideal for those who want to stand out with their jewelry!


Diamonds are the perfect all year round, so it’s no surprise that you should bust out the sparkles for spring! Delicate pieces like studs and tennis bracelets are perfect for pairing with vivid, bright colors and your spring pastels. The white shimmer from dainty diamonds is so elegant and the ideal accessory for your charming spring outfits!

We hope this season allows you to show off beautiful and bold hues this spring! Whether you experiment with different gemstones, metals, or just jewelry in general, we hope you shimmer with confidence and color this season with your looks!

April 06, 2021 — Dianne Murray

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