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Repurposing Stones & Pieces into Engagement Rings

Finding the perfect engagement ring is a task that every bride and her groom go through before tying the knot. From dozens of styles, settings, and mountings, it can be challenging to find a piece that speaks to you. An engagement ring is something you’ll wear and cherish for the rest of your days with your fiance. It should be a piece representing the love between the two of you and the family you are creating once the two of you marry. Many people have collected jewelry and heirlooms from their family of past engagement rings and other beloved pieces. We can rework them into an engagement ring that suits you for those who want to honor these pieces that have been passed down. When it comes to reusing a jewelry piece, there are two options to consider: repurposing the stones and remounting. We’ll go over what this means and how you can create an engagement ring out of a family heirloom.

Repurposing Stones

Passing down a cherished jewelry piece is a tradition that many families around the world take part in. So many pieces are handed down from generation to generation to brides before their wedding day. The designs of these pieces may not be in style, but they can be repurposed into a new piece if they have stones. Removing the stones from older family pieces and remounting them onto engagement rings is ideal for those who want a unique ring with sentimental value. We can rework these stones to fit your desired engagement ring style. If there is more than one stone, we can use them as accents to accentuate the center stone. We work with those who wish to repurpose a stone to find a mounting that fits their stone and style. This allows the wearer to uphold the family tradition that lies within the ring while still adding their originality.

Remounting Pieces

As we mentioned earlier, many jewelry pieces are passed down to family members as they age. However, styles change through the decades, and these pieces may need to be remounted to fit the current styles and bride's desires. Not only can the stones be salvaged from these pieces, but the mountings can as well. We can rework the rings by changing the setting, featuring more or larger diamonds, or adding an enhancer. This is an option for those who are already married but want to upgrade their current ring. Repurposing pieces is a great way to wear a cherished piece or family heirloom while also transforming it to match the bride’s taste. We’ve worked with many older pieces in the past and reworked them into a new piece that still honors the original.

Your engagement ring is a piece that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life and should be exclusive to you, so turn something old into something new by opting for a remounted or repurposed ring. If you have a family piece that was passed down to you that you don’t wear, consider having it transformed into your engagement ring. Whether you want to repurpose a stone on a family piece or remount a ring you’ve inherited, we can help rework a jewelry piece into something brand new just for you.

May 11, 2021 — Dianne Murray

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