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How to Reinvent Yourself With Jewelry

Putting on a beautiful piece of jewelry resonates the same feeling as stepping into a warm shower or getting a much-needed haircut - refreshed and renewed. This is why accessories like jewelry are just as important to our inner feelings and thoughts as they are to our outward appearance. If you feel that you’ve hit a rut with your looks or aren’t sure how to gain this self-assurance from jewelry, we are here to help. We know how significant jewelry can be and want you to look and feel your best! We’ve put together a few ways you can up your outfit game and switch up your favorite looks with new and old pieces.


No one can resist the charm of a stunning, bold gemstone piece! Gemstones are known to hold multiple properties on top of their gorgeous hues and shine. Aquamarines help instate calmness and alertness, emeralds bring loyalty and compassion, and sapphires ignite focus and wisdom. No matter what aspect of your life you want to enhance, there’s a stone for it. Whether you believe in these powers or not, you can’t deny the overwhelming beauty of these stones! The allure from gemstones alone is enough to transform a look completely. Mixing and matching various colored pieces can bring an entirely fresh ambiance to your outfits as well as a new appreciation for the pieces themselves.

Personalized Jewelry

If you’re looking for something totally unique to you, you can’t go wrong with personalized jewelry! Add a little style and individuality to your looks with a piece that shows off a bit of you. Wearing your name or initials is a sign of self-love and confidence. A simple metal personalized piece can become the new centerpiece of your accessories. The best part of this jewelry is that it never goes out of style! You can enjoy a name or initial piece for a lifetime.

Try Something New

The best way to reinvent yourself and your looks with jewelry is to try something new! Switching up your accessories can shed a whole new light on your outfits. You can do this by mixing and matching pieces you already have or with new ones. Try using different metal colors or stones to highlight the uniqueness of each piece. If all of your pieces are the same metal color or stone shape and color, it’s time to branch out and experiment with other styles. On top of this, try layering and stacking your jewelry! A single piece can appear completely different when complemented with others. Layering necklaces and bracelets creates a beautiful ensemble of pieces that blend as one. Stacking your rings can have this same effect. You can choose to match similar pieces or pick ones of varying styles to add texture and character to your looks.

So much of how we feel on the inside is determined by our appearance. Putting on a little makeup, a new outfit, or our favorite jewelry can give us a boost in confidence that we all need at times. Let your jewelry bring out the best in you! If you’re interested in remaking your looks, let us know! We are here to help you feel your very best whether that is with new jewelry, or old jewelry turned into something new! Just give us a call, 228-875-4842.

January 27, 2021 — Dianne Murray

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