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Coastal Jewelry Tips

By living on the Gulf Coast, we have an advantage over the rest…it is warm enough to swim, boat and lounge by a pool about six or more months out of the year. With this privilege, comes some responsibility with our fine and fashion jewelry. Below we have put together jewelry tips for those who live and visit the Gulf Coast.


1 – Always have fine jewelry (like diamond and gemstones) appraised.

It is best to have all your fine jewelry appraised every 3-5 years. In the case a stone goes missing, or something breaks, your insurance company can assist you financially.


2 – Be sure to take jewelry off when applying sunscreen or bug spray.

How many of us make this mistake? We want to leave our diamonds on because the sun makes them shine so bright! However, the chemicals in the lotions and spray can be very harmful to our jewelry. Just be sure to wash your hands before putting those sparkling rings back on!


3 – Leave jewelry at home, or in a safe place when in salt water, sand and chlorine.

As tempting as it may be to just leave our jewelry on, we need to take proper care of it. When planning to go for a swim at the pool or at the beach, it is best to leave our fine and fashion jewelry at home, or in a safe and secure place. Most of us are not aware of the damage bleach and chlorine can cause to gold. Both cause a chemical reaction that disintegrates the alloys in the jewelry over time. (Nearly all gold jewelry is alloyed, because pure gold is too soft on its own.)


4 – Don’t wear jewelry while doing yard work.

You would think we would remember this one! However, some of us actually never take our jewelry off…we even sleep in it! Participating in yard work is great, just not with jewelry! Not only could it be harmful to your jewelry, your jewelry could easily get caught on something and break. And no one likes a broken chain! Nor do they like a missing diamond!


5 – Use a damp cloth or jewelry cleaning solution when taking jewelry off after sweating, applying makeup, and any other liquid or spray.

If you have not already, getting into a routine of cleaning your jewelry is a good idea. We always suggest a cleaning at least once a week, if not more. You can avoid the frequent need of cleaning by leaving jewelry off until you have completed your makeup or applied any other liquid or spray.


6 – Store jewelry out of direct sunlight and in an airtight environment when possible.

We all do it. Take our jewelry off and just leave it. If you have not invested in a nice jewelry box, now is the time. Preserving your jewelry for the next generation is easy, you just need a safe and airtight environment.


As always, we are here for you and your jewelry needs. If your jewelry is not sparkling like the sun, bring it by for a summer cleaning! And if by any chance you lose a stone or break a chain, we will be happy to bring your jewelry back to life.

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