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A Guide to Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

Every girl imagines her moment differently. But the end result is the same. That special someone getting down on one knee and asking, “Will you marry me?”


Some girls dream up a proposal when they are little. Thinking about the endless possibilities. Some girls have notebooks, binders or even slideshows of exactly what they want, and when and where they want it.


Others don’t think about it at all. They are ready for the surprise, being taken by the moment.


But no engagement is complete without the perfect ring. “Perfect” is defined differently to everyone. And all couples should have the chance to customize their engagement rings to something as unique as they are.


So, how do you know what style is right for you?


First, let’s talk style, then we will get into diamond cuts.



The classic ring highlights the center stone. It is a beautiful, simple, and clean type of engagement ring. If you want to show off your stone, the classic cut is the one for you.



The solitaire band is derived from the French word for “alone.” It is the only stone on the band. Similar to the classic cut, it is simple and elegant. Another great way to show off your timeless diamond.



The three stone is a symbol of your love in all its stages. Its design features your past, present and future with your partner. If you are looking for your ring to tell a story, or your fiancé enjoys symbolism; the three stone is a great way to showcase it.



The halo has one diamond in the center with smaller diamonds around it. The design is meant to emphasize the center diamond and give it a “halo” effect. This ring is great for a woman who enjoys to sparkle.



The infinity band is a slightly more modern style symbolizing the coming together of man and wife. Similar to the three stone, it is a great way to emphasis symbolism and represent the never-ending love for one another.


Okay, we’ve covered the most popular styles, now let’s talk about diamond cuts.



This traditional engagement style is a square shape with pointed corners.


Round Brilliant

The round brilliant cut is cone shaped with the top rounded off. It is the most popular cut of all time. Its classical beauty has survived the test of the time.



If you are worried about how your fingers will look with a ring on, a sleek band with an oval cut could be a great choice for you. The oval makes any hand look sleek and slender.



This is also known as a teardrop shape. Which is the easiest way to describe it, as it looks like a tear drop with a point on one end and a rounded edge on the other.



Is similar to the oval in style. It will also help to elongate and flatter the hand. It’s shape was modeled after a smile, some say.



We understand finding the perfect engagement ring can be a bit overwhelming. At W. P. Shelton Jewelers, your happiness and satisfaction is what matters to us.


If you don’t see a ring that makes you say “YES!” then let’s create your own custom designed engagement ring! We will create a 3D model of your vision, then bring it to life with your favorite diamond cut! Call us today to schedule your engagement ring appointment, 228-875-4842.

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