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Spring into Fashion

Spring into Fashion

Spring is in the air, and only days away! The first day of spring is March 20, and this year, spring colors are all about experimenting. Whether you follow Vogue’s spring colors, or create your own – now is the time to express yourself! However, if you are wondering just what Vogue has chosen as their top 10 spring summer colors, here they are:


Lavender: this color will dominate the whole summer season. It is romantic yet elegant.


Purple: Pantone’s 2018 color of the year is Ultra Violet. A color that intrigues with its hybrid, mysterious nature, associated with the seventh chakra, where the human meets the divine. ‘Experiment’ is the word.


Rapture rose: a full, princess-like, intense pink shade.


Sky blue: a fresh color that evoke a serene sky.


Light green: green is back also for summer 2018, this time with a delicate and fresh nuance.


Military green: considered now as a neutral hue, just like beige, it often ‘breaks’ elegant or sporty looks on military style pieces. But is also worn from head to toe by a modern woman who faces the urban jungle every day.


Milk white: a full, warm hue. Nothing to do with optical white, cooler and cyber-like.


Chocolate brown: brown is back on the runway. Intense and enveloping, it will impossible to resist this shade, just like it’s impossible to resist a chocolate praline.


Yellow: the same shade of the tracksuit sported by Uma Thurman in Tarantino’s Kill Bill. A vibrant, energizing tone of yellow. And a little wild, too, just think of paintings by Kandinsy or Matisse. And yellow’s comeback for 2018 is strictly connected to purple, its complementary color.


Tomato red: a totally bold, entrancing hue.”


(Source: Vogue's The Ten Color Trends for Spring Summer 2018 article.)


What do spring colors mean to you? Experimenting with a new style? Pulling out old, but bold jewelry that is just waiting to be seen again? The coming of summer days? New fashions? Or maybe it is a combination of several things. Either way, W. P. Shelton Jewelers is the place to explore your options – offering an array of colors, styles, designs and prices. We can even design your very own spring collection, setting you apart from the rest! By doing this, we use old stones from your previous jewelry, or you can take advantage of our selection of high quality stones.


Here are a few of our favorite spring pieces from the many different collections we carry in our store. Some pieces offer the option of versatility, so you can mix and match with all sorts of spring colors. While others offer a pop of color to a more neutral outfit. We hope you enjoy these six samples!


1 – Sky’s the limit:

This sky blue aquamarine stone and 14k gold ring can also be paired with its matching necklace and earrings. Allison Kaufman’s blue jewelry follows right in line with Vogue’s top 10 spring colors.Click here to view the collection.


2 – A bold statement:

This ravishing statement necklace features a breathtaking pendant set with a Lafonn canary simulated diamond center stone, surrounded by Lafonn's signature clear simulated diamonds. The pendant is suspended from a necklace set with Lafonn's clear pear-shaped and round simulated diamonds. Click here to view this necklace.


3 – Rose gold romance:

Classic elegance. Allison Kaufman’s charming morganite stone and rose gold together are perfect for a romantic spring date. Click here to view this collection.


4 – Experimenting with purple:

Shah Luxury’s sterling silver 0.06 carat diamond and 3 1/2 carat cushion cut amethyst halo earrings can be paired with its matching necklace and ring for a stunning regal statement. Click here to view the collection.


5 – Pop of color goes a long way:

Les Georgettes by Altesse is an innovative French jewelry concept featuring interchangeable and reversible colored bands. They adapt to each woman’s personal style, from morning to night, and wherever the day takes her. Click here to get started in designing your own piece.


6 – From casual to formal:

Elegance that bedazzles any ensemble day or night. These Lafonn earrings are set with Lafonn's signature Lassaire simulated diamonds in sterling silver bonded with platinum. Click here to view these earrings.


We have many more where these came from! Come by our store Monday – Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., to start creating your spring look! You can also browse ourwebsite for more ideas.

February 27, 2018 — Dianne Murray