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The Hues of Blue

The Hues of Blue

When it comes to gemstone colors, the varying hues of blue are unbeatable! From deep, dark tones to light, luminous shades, gemstones can come in a large assortment of blues. The attractiveness and demand for blue jewelry are easily recognizable and hard to deny. We can’t get enough of the versatility of blue gemstones. They look wonderful in any jewelry form! Here are some of the most popular and exhilarating blue-hued gemstones.


These beautiful gemstones are known for their deep blue hue. The September birthstone belongs to the corundum family of gemstones, which also includes rubies. Sapphires can appear in almost every color but are most commonly blue. This royal blue gemstone symbolizes nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness and has frequently been associated with romance as well. Using the term “royal” to describe the hue of this ring isn't just in reference to its color. One of the most famous sapphire pieces is Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement rings! Hence the correlation with the word nobility.


Topaz stones are available in an especially wide range of colors. This stone is pleochroic, which means it can show an array of various hues when viewed from different angles. A naturally occurring blue topaz is rare to find. On the other hand, a colorless topaz is easily accessible and is commonly used to give a blue hue to the gemstone. This is why the stone can appear in a variety of blues ranging from an icy, pale hue to a deep, saturated shade. This particular blue topaz is the birthstone for December and is one of the most sought after gemstones. Topaz is often viewed as the stone of love and loyalty. More specifically, a blue topaz symbolizes clarity, honesty, and strong emotional connection.


Tanzanites are a somewhat recently discovered gemstone. They were only first identified in 1967 near Mount Kilimanjaro. This monumental landmark is the only place where tanzanites can be found. The color of this gemstone is caught between a blue and violet hue. Similar to topaz, the tanzanite is pleochroic. When shown from different angles and in various lighting, the stone gives off distinct colors ranging from a violet-blue to blue-violet. A year after its initial discovery in the 60s, Tiffany’s & Co. gave the stone the name tanzanite and ran a campaign introducing it to the public. Tanzanites immediately became an immensely desirable stone and are still highly sought after today. These stones are one of the birthstones for December and are known for symbolizing calmness and communication.


As its name presumes, the term aquamarine derives from the Latin words for seawater. This name is quite fitting as the stone’s transparent blue hue is comparable to the cool ocean water. Aquamarine is a color variation of Beryl, a rare mineral that is also used for emeralds. In relation to its name and coloring, this March birthstone is seen as a good luck charm and was believed to settle harsh waves at sea to keep sailors out of harm. The refreshing light blue gemstone is also said to bring happiness to marriages. 

If you’re looking to add blue gemstones to your collection, these four gemstones are a perfect place to start! The alluring colors of each one are more beautiful than the last and wearing any of them is sure to catch wandering eyes. Whether you’re drawn to these stones for their hues, birthstone month, or believed spiritual properties, the beauty of each one is apparent!

September 11, 2020 — Dianne Murray
Colors of Spring

Colors of Spring

Springtime is almost here, which means it’s time for fresh flowers, warm days, and colorful jewelry! We can’t control mother nature or the weather, but we can definitely help you find fabulous jewelry for this upcoming season. Nothing says spring more than bright, vibrant jewelry, which is why colored gemstones are the perfect addition for all. You can incorporate the beautiful colors of spring with a customized piece from our Online Jewelry Bar. We have so many different styles, stones, and even stone shapes to choose between. Check out the list below for a few of our favorite personalized pieces you can have fun creating on our website. Make it even more fun by inviting your friends and family to join you!

Pantone’s Color of the Year: Blue

What better way to add vibrance to your spring look than with the color of the year? Pantone named blue as 2020’s color, and we are loving it. There are so many beautiful gemstones of this color! From sapphire to aquamarine, and zircon to tanzanite, the possibilities are endless. Mix and match shades or coordinate your pieces to match. No matter what shade you like, blue is the perfect, rich color to wear this spring and all year long.


Birthstone Jewelry

From exquisite pendants to vivid rings, birthstone jewelry is just the pop of color and customization you need for spring! Not to mention they have a wonderful sentimental feel to each of them. From amethysts to garnets and peridots to emeralds, birthstones are the best way to show off some color in a personalized way. Whether you are a March baby or an August baby, create your perfect and unique piece by choosing your stone, shape, and metal. 

Two-toned Rings

If you are having trouble picking just one gemstone, get the best of both worlds and pick two! With our two-toned rings, you can choose two colored stones and their shapes for your perfect piece. Select the same stone or mix and match different colors to create a brilliantly vibrant and unique ring. After all, two is better than one! Choose from gold, silver, and platinum bands and add even more richness to your piece 


Family Jewelry

Create a memory that will last a lifetime with family inspired jewelry! There is nothing more meaningful than to have your family’s names or initials on jewelry. Monogrammed initial jewelry makes for lifelong gifts bringing smiles to those who wear them. Our family jewelry also includes custom-designed pieces passed down from one generation to the next. Imagine your personalized jewelry passed down to your great, great-grandchildren. How special!


There’s nothing more beautiful than the colors of springtime, and at W. P. Shelton Jewelers, we want you to look your best this new season. Get ready for spring with dazzling, vivid jewelry! Bright gemstones are just the addition you need to add a pop color for the upcoming months. Whether you are looking for a necklace, earrings, ring, or anything jewelry, you can create your perfect colorful piece with our Online Jewelry Bar. Get started with the link below!