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WP Shelton Jewelers is the name when you think of a reputable jewelry store in Ocean Springs in Mississippi. We’ve been in business since 1945, too. We’ve accommodated customers from all around the Gulf Coast of Mississippi for decades and decades. WP Shelton Jewelers presents customers with all sorts of choices in high end jewelry pieces. Shoppers can pick between all kinds of pearl pieces. They can pick between watches, rings, engagement rings and wedding bands. If you're searching for a five-star timepiece in the area, WP Shelton Jewelers can come to your rescue.

We present customers with all sorts of jewelry items that are made by top notch brands. These designers include big names like Stuller, Lafonn, Costar Jewelry, Rolex and, last but certainly not least, Carizza. The Rolex options that are accessible through WP Shelton Jewelers are pre-owned and have certification.

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