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engagement jewelry in Ocean Springs MS

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What makes a Carizza solitaire engagement ring such a great choice for engagement jewelry? It is crafted with utmost care to last a lifetime. It places all the focus on a central stone. There's nothing to distract from the intense shimmer of the diamond glittering like a star on the finger. Since that one stone has all the attention, it's important to find the right cut to achieve the effect that you want.

The cuts are one of the most noticeable properties of a stone. As one of the Four Cs, the cut of the diamond will have a big impact on how your solitaire ring will look. There are several cuts available to choose from including round, cushion, princess, oval, emerald, and pear. Each brings a unique and beautiful look to the engagement ring.

Round diamonds are the most popular shape for engagement rings. It is simple and classic. This is a brilliant cut that lends itself well to balanced designs. Cushion cuts are a square with rounded corners. This style has been popular for hundreds of years. It pairs well with bold designs. The rounded corners provide a more subtle touch. For those who like a sharper edge, there are emerald cut diamonds. Diamonds cut in this style are perfect for a bride with unique tastes. This geometric shape creates a mirrored-like effect. The princess cut is a style is a rather modern design first created in the 1980s. Princess cut diamonds can have a shallower profile than some other shapes, letting them work in nearly all settings. Oval cut diamonds have similar properties and fiery brilliance to round cuts, but are elongated. Pear shaped diamonds have a lot in common with round diamonds, but have more surface area and, therefore, more sparkle. Pear engagement rings have really picked up in popularity in recent years. With so many options to choose from, there truly is a perfect design for every person.

engagement jewelry in Ocean Springs MS

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At WP Shelton Jewelers, we offer only the highest quality of Carizza solitaire engagement rings. Our robust selection includes diamonds of nearly every shape and style. Drop by our jewelry store in Ocean Springs today to see what we have available. We are excited to have you come in and see the brilliance in person.

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